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Afforestation-we celebrate Easter with empty pocket hence unpaid for arrears


Afforestation-we celebrate Easter with empty pocket hence unpaid for arrears

Youth in Afforestation are still at post and yet employees are not being paid for for arrears! The Afforestation youth lament over unpaid arrears as we celebrate the Easter festival and hence survival on this occasion is a dreami and a hard nut to crack.

They therefore expressed to the media that if the government refuses to settle them their due arrears, then they should prepare to face their wrath in coming 2024 general elections and they will likewise turn their back to the government.

The youth have been at post to engage with hardworking with dedication but up to date without pay and are seriously demanding for arrears hence life is unbearable at this time in addressing to the media.

Some employees even depends on their parents for survival before they can go to work. They are therefore pleading to the government to settle their due arrears so far.

Afforestation youth at post without pay are therefore demanding payment timeline over their due arrears to be settled before Easter.

Life is unbearable whilst working without pay with empty stomachs.

Meanwhile Government officials, including Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Parliamentarians etc have received their salaries without any delay as we celebrate the Easter festival. Therefore the youth in Afforestation have disclosed to the media in an exclusive interview to demand for their due arrears for the past months.

Furthermore they are demanding for Clear Payment Timeline Over Their due arrears and hence life is unbearable for them when working without pay is bitter.they expressed to the media on how they manage to attend work with empty stomach.

According to a release by the Afforestation youth, it revealed that employees are facing challenges due to their unpaid arrears.

They are demanding significantly for a clear timeline for the payment of the delayed arrears.


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