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NABCO HQ Payment Validation Circular

NABCO HQ Payment Validation Circular

Eventually, this is a critical payment validation time and all must pay attention to details and avoid mistakes. Remember your avoidable mistake shall be your responsibility to deal with.

• This is also a final notice and warning to all. Any coordinator who validates anyone already Permanently Employed, Vacated Post (not at work without an approved permission. All timesheets must therefore be valid), Not reported, or Not Qualified to still be on the scheme, Found to be professionally, ethically or criminally unfit to be on the scheme shall take responsibility for inappropriate use of state funds.

1. Validations for April 2021 Trainee Stipend Payment Validation will be opened and fully functional from 00:00GMT (12:00am) Tuesday, May 04 to Tuesday, May 11, 2021. The system shall close at 23:59GMT (11:59PM) on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 which is the deadline for all DCs and RCs to validate and approve payments.

2. All DCs must double check their validations to ensure the right validations are done before submitting. And also check to ensure your RCs or those in Charge of approvals have approved the validations.

3. All RCs and RMTs in charge of approving validations must ensure approvals begin early so the system is not overloaded at the last minute stage. Please double check all the approvals before the deadline elapses.

4. All coordinators must be guided by the above and where necessary seek advice.

5. Please refer to all other valid validation circulars for guidance as many other guidelines may not have been repeated here.

6. March 2021 Trainees Stipends payment shall be carried out in this first week of May 2021. April 2021 payment would be done based on availability of funds and eligibility verifications.

7. We might not have the necessary attention on issues of non validation by Districts, non approvals by Regions etc before processing the data for payment. So Kindly avoid unnecessary mistakes, oversights, “mistakenly” errors etc at these times. Be bold to validate “Not Eligible” with a valid reason where appropriate. Please do not leave this processes to just RTCS.


8. Regional Coordinators, please follow up with Districts to complete their validations and double check on your approvals BEFORE the deadline and closure of the validation system.

9. Regional Coordinators, where you have assigned RMTs to validate trainee payment due to the absence of District Coordinators, please check that the right validations are done. Remember the scheme would not be reversing “mistakenly” validated any longer.

10. On the category of overpayment and fully refunded, kindly note that from March 2021 all those in this category who are qualified for payment and validated will be paid regardless whether or not they have fully refunded. However, for those who have not fully refunded, their arrears would be used to clear their overpaid but non refunded obligations. (validate them only if they are eligible for payment).

11. Also be aware that disciplinary actions awaits Trainees, Coordinators and Monitors who provide or provided false refund information and in some cases diverted refunds paid by trainees. These actions shall include summary dismissal and possible criminal prosecutions.

12. A category of trainees in the overpaid category have also been marked for dismissal from the scheme for various infractions. Regardless their refunded status and their payment validations, they will not be paid.

13. Those in the overpaid category who were never restricted from completing their CPTP and decided not to comply shall not be available for payment validations. If they followed the right procedures to decline before the CPTP and have any arrears, those arrears may be worked and paid. And if they did follow procedures to decline and also did not complete and submit their CPTP and were not validated for payment, the scheme would not be responsible for any claims of arrears.

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