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Nabco Validations For July 2021 Is Done! Trainees Can Check For Processing Payment

Nabco Validations For July 2021 Is Done! Trainees Can Check For Processing Payment

NABCO Trainees are being paid after validations and confirmations from MIPS, District Offices and their reputable user organizations to check that, they are still on the program and not exited.

Some Nabco Trainees leave for further studies, others leave for permanent employment, some leave to venture into entrepreneurship whiles others likewise leave for other reasons.

So unlike public sector workers, payment of Nabco Trainees can not be made immediately the month ends unless this significant validation and verification processes are accomplished so as not to pay those who have exited.

Furthermore, it’s a new initiative that came to enhance the graduates with exposure to the work environment and also for them to gain expertise knowledge so that when they apply for permanent jobs, lack of experience will never be impacted to deny them the opportunities.

It is also a work and learn policy that’s why a lot of workshops and capacity building programs are organized to enhance trainees for the world of opportunities.

Trainees should kindly restrain from abusive comments to management of the scheme. Nobody will deliberately hold monies belonging to you.

Measures are being put in place to fast track the processes so that stipends can be paid as early as possible.

Eventually, the validations for July 2021 is done and allowance will be paid very soon.

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  1. I’m Nabco trainee but I have only received 1 year stipends thus January 2020 to December 2024. Nabco is still owing me 1and half year that is from January 2019 to December 2019 fellow by some months in 2021 which all indicates processing payment. Please with all due respect I humbly count on your maximum support to pay me the arrears because I always use T and T to embark to work please I’m seriously suffering. My Nabco Reference is Nabcowrcig10291. Tel.0541566831. department. Bodi District Assembly. NYA. But I’m incarge of Radio Room. I count on your maximum assistance in this regards. Thank you.

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