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JUST IN: NABCO career pathway solved now login in;

Finally the nabco career pathway Portal is opened so kindly Follow the link below to complete the process;

JUST IN: NABCO career pathways portal is working accordingly, trainees complaining must make use the correct site- Mubarak Bowan

The Director in charge of Business Research and Skills Development at the Head office of the Nation Builders Corps Mubarak Bowan in an exclusive interview told that the career pathways portal produced for NABCO beneficiaries across the country is working accordingly. Therefore, those complaining about the portal inactiveness must make sure they used the correct link.
Because to him, since the portal was introduced to receive applications from Interested beneficiaries, there has not been any form of hitches so far. However, even though Mr. Bowan believes all is well with the portal, he said the load on the portal might be a contributing factor that can slow down the system.

“First of all, you must get the correct link, we announced the opening of the portal, and quickly we are monitoring it. When we opened it that night, within 3 hours, we have over 400 people who already login, and we realized that the initial complaint was that people did not copy the link well. So, when you don’t copy the link well, it wouldn’t open. Then, the next day we received further complaints and I continue monitoring the system, there were 1400 people log in and when I was going to respond to the system, I went back to check and they were 1900 people log in when I finished typing the response, I went back to check and they were almost 17,000 on the platform. That is what normally happened to a server as the load increases, the server is built in such a way that, it is not allowed to crash. So, when the load gets to its maximum level, it will prevent others from adding to the load. So, when you are trying to log in, it wouldn’t log in and you will see that it will stay on and later say the site cannot be reached, and then, it takes you off. But As soon as some people logged off.”

“So, the process is open till the 30th of November, it is not a two-day timeline, is not a one-day timeline, we calculated it and that is how come we gave 3 weeks.”

“Continue to monitor it and you would see that daily as we go, the complaint of ‘I can’t log in’ will diminish, because already you have almost 20,000 people who are almost finishing the process, so it is the load but the connectivity is also important. There are some areas you have less than 3G networks and you may have to change a network to be able to do it or may have to move to a different location where the connectivity strength is better. It will open but is just that, it will take a long time to open.”

Meanwhile, the correct and accurate site to work with is the one above, to avoid any inconvenience.

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