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Just in: EC Chairperson Jean Mensa gives a report on final citizens voters register

Just in: EC Chairperson Jean Mensa gives a report on final citizens voters register


Great Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, for the benefit of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, I energetically welcome every one of you to the present “Let the Citizen Know”.

It is invigorating to be here, and we thank the great Lord for His Faithfulness. We would never have come this far without Him and for that we are everlastingly appreciative.

To you our recognized residents, we thank you for having confidence in us and for strolling this excursion with us. Your criticism has been useful and has fortified our work and cycles.

To you our media accomplices, we thank you for your consistency. You have been our entryway to the great individuals of Ghana. We were unable to have drawn in with the populace of Ghana without you. Much obliged to you.

The motivation behind the present “Let the Citizen Know” is to brief you on the Final Voters Register in front of the 2020 political decision. We guaranteed you that we would furnish you with refreshes on various issues that were raised viewing the Register in order to settle these issues for the last time.

In satisfaction of that guarantee we are here today to settle concerns and questions raised with respect to the Register in front of the races one week from now. Precisely seven days today to be exact.

Today my introduction will zero in on the accompanying issues.

Absolute Number of people on the last Voters Register.

Number of people who enlisted however whose biometric and biographic subtleties are not on the register.

Number of people on the Multiples List

Number of people on the Exceptions List

New Application for Checking Details of Registrants.

Transfer of Registers on the Commissions Website

Exceptional Voting.

All out Number Of Persons On The Final Voters Register.

I am satisfied to illuminate you that the Final Voters Register has a sum of seventeen million and 27 thousand, 600 and 41 (17,027,641) registrants who are qualified to cast a ballot come December seventh, 2020.

Of the complete number of enlisted citizens, females comprise 8,000,000, 800 and 10,000, 200 and 83 (8,810,283) speaking to 51.74% of the absolute Register while guys added up to 8,000,000, 200 and seventeen thousand, 300 and 58 (8,217,358), speaking to 48.26% of the all out Register.

More noteworthy Accra has the most elevated number of female and male registrants.

The locale with the most minimal number of female and male registrants is North East Region.

The following is the all out number of enlisted Voters per Region on the Final Voters Register:

Locale and Number of Valid Voters

Western: 1,187,333

Focal: 1,567,756

More noteworthy Accra: 3,528,996

Volta: 924,116

Eastern: 1,641,050

Ashanti: 3,019,178

Western North: 468,683

Ahafo: 316,970

Bono: 653,378

Bono East: 594,610

Oti: 358,552

Northern: 1,050,016

Savannah: 298,404

Upper West: 469,753

North East: 289,529

Upper East: 659,317

Complete: 17,027,641

I will presently address the issue of the people whose names have been put on the Multiples and Exceptions list. For the data of the General Public this data hosts been given to the Political Gatherings. It was given to them on the seventh of November 2020 along with the Voters Register.

Products List

The all out number of different enlistments on the Multiples list today remains at fifteen thousand, 800 and sixty (15,860). We have seen a lessening in the number since a portion of these people continued to court and had their protests upset by the court.

By its name this rundown alludes to the quantity of numerous enlistments done by remarkable people. It doesn’t allude to special people. Thusly, if an individual enlisted five (5) times, every one of the five enrollments will be recorded on the rundown in spite of the fact that the five enrollments were attempted by one individual.

The quantity of remarkable people who directed the different enlistment is anyway 7,000, 800 and ninety ( 7,890).

It is educational to take note of that the Multiples List isn’t created by the Staff of the Commission. This rundown is produced by the ABIS framework when it identifies various enlistments by an interesting person when similar arrangement of fingerprints shows up for people bearing various names. The framework gets this and segregates the registrant. This isn’t finished by staff of the commission.

I underscore this to ease the feelings of dread or view of the Commission intentionally eliminating names of registrants from the Register. At the point when an individual with a special arrangement of fingerprints enlists on different occasions, this is hailed and gotten by the framework and the names and subtleties are disengaged on the Multiples list.

Special cases List

Once more, there have been recognitions that the EC is pondering eliminating people from the register and putting them on the Exceptions list. This is bogus.

This Exceptions list alludes to one of a kind people who directed different types of discretionary acts of neglect including underage enlistment, enrollment by outsiders, and enrollment by people not normally occupant in the territory where they wish to enlist

Until this point, we have a complete number of 13,997 people on the Exceptions list. Note that the rundown was created because of the residents at the grass root level testing and protesting enrollment of specific people. During the Registration Exercise various people had their enrollments tested.

Accordingly, they were not furnished with their Voter ID cards. Moreover, during the Exhibition time frame, various people had their enrollments protested for a portion of the reasons expressed previously. Know that those tested at enlistment needed to occasion to advance against the test to their enrollment by giving evidence of their qualification to be enlisted to the DRRC set up by the Electoral Commission to hear these cases. A portion of the tested people had their difficulties upset and these people were then furnished with their cards and remembered for the Voters Register.

Once more, people whose enlistments were protested during the Exhibition measures additionally had the occasion to show up before the Magistrate.i.e. the DRRO and requested against their protests by introducing imperative records and proof to demonstrate their qualification. A decent number the protests were toppled, and these people have been reflected in the register.

It is critical to take note of that past this, various people whose offers were not allowed by the DRRC and DRRO looked for review at the High Court. Various bids were truly, and these people have been remembered for the Voters Register at this very moment. Two of such cases happened in Zubzugu, in the Northern where around 443 individuals have been remembered for the register following the allowing of their allure by the High Court. Their Voter ID cards have since been given to them.

Once more, in Effutu, Winneba some (52) people claimed against the issue with their incorporation in the register. The High Court toppled those complaints and they have all been remembered for the Voters Register by the Commission. At this very moment their electors ID cards have been given to them.

It is imperative to take note of that in the past the Multiples List and the Exception List were not distributed by the Commission. In any case, in the soul of straightforwardness the Commission has chosen to distribute the two records on its site. The two records amount to an absolute number 21 thousand, 800 and 87 (21,887)unique people.

For the data of the overall population, the Exceptions and Multiples List preceding the 2016 political decision added up to around 800,000 people. They were restricted from casting a ballot in the 2016 Elections. Today these people have been allowed one more opportunity to enroll and cast a ballot.

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